How First Western Trust Can Help You Find the Right Home Loan

Even in the best of circumstances, finding the right mortgage loan can be an extremely complicated and daunting process. Fortunately, at First Western Trust, we’re here to help. With decades of experience with high-net-worth individuals and a genuine understanding of a family’s financial needs in a constantly changing market. 

Experience With High-Net-Worth Individuals

At First Western Trust, we’re proud to offer a vast array of mortgages for all clients. We have years of experience and have successfully completed mortgages in all fifty states, giving us some of the broadest perspectives on the market today. No matter our client’s financial situation, we’re here to help ensure they get the mortgage product they need, and we guarantee that we offer superior service to every one of our clients.

However, we also understand that high-net-worth individuals have specific requirements and need concierge-level services for managing their portfolios. This high level of needs demands that high-net-worth families partner with a bank that knows how purchasing a home will impact their portfolio. 

For example, a high-net-worth individual may need a jumbo loan to finance their property since it is valued too high for a conventional conforming loan. At the same time, a family may buy a larger home for a growing family. They may also buy a vacation home to spend a summer at or be looking to downsize towards retirement.

For any reason, a person obtains such a mortgage, mortgages for high-net-worth individuals are always more complex than mortgages than average home loans. A high-net-worth family may need to consider various implications of their loans, including how such a mortgage will impact their overall banking services or when it may be appropriate to begin working with a private bank to handle their financial needs.

Types of Loans Offered

Our mortgage consulting team works closely with high-net-worth clients to ensure we find the right solution for their needs. Furthermore, we work closely with our clients at all steps of the mortgage planning process, ensuring they are comfortable with the various financial solutions provided. 

At First Western Trust, we offer many loan types and services. We offer jumbo loans, conventional loans, loans for second homes, portfolio loans, investment property loans, and deed-restricted loans.

This vast array of loan types can be overwhelming, and even the most financially astute of clients may need assistance differentiating the best product for their needs. Not knowing how to identify the right loan is entirely understandable, as mortgages for high-net-worth individuals may have various financial implications, including:

High-net-worth individuals need to work with a bank like First Western Trust. At First Western Trust, we have experience working with clients with extremely specific and complex needs. We understand the intricacies and implications these products can have on a portfolio. By working with our clients, we can help them identify which loan best suits their needs and ensure they get a more valuable product than one found at any other national chain of banks. 

More to the point, we also know that our clients demand the highest level of service and as much time as possible to consider a loan’s implications on a portfolio. That’s why we ensure that we provide our clients with as much detail as possible. We always give all closing figures at least 72 hours in advance. Doing so enables our high-net-worth clients to be as prepared as possible for closing. 

Final Thoughts

Jumbo loans, mortgages for second homes, investment property loans and more are major loans that can have a massive impact on the financial future of high-net-worth individuals and their ability to plan their finances for years to come. That’s why a bank with no experience in this area can’t just handle mortgages for high-net-worth individuals.
First Western Trust has years of experience working with high-net-worth mortgage lenders and ensuring that any home loan ultimately fits with the financial future of these individuals. We’re here to fulfill our customers’ mortgage needs and help them get whatever mortgage loan will fulfill their financial planning requirements. Contact a Mortgage Loan Officer today for more information on how we can help you get the mortgage loan that fits your financial future.